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I photographed this beautiful family late September just before I got very sick. I lost the ability to do my photography sessions shortly after because of a horrible reaction to an antibiotic. Healing has been very slow and because of the depression associated with my illness I haven’t used my camera since. Yesterday I went to this blog and started looking at all the families I’ve photographed and the photos of my children and remembered how much I miss my art. So I promised myself I would pick up my camera again even if that means only five minutes. And I promised myself I would get this session up because this family is so special. It is so obvious in these images how much they love each other and enjoy being together. They hold a place in my heart. I hope that I’ll be able to photograph them again and other families because I miss it so much.

  • Jack - You know I want you out there taking photos. What you are able to do is very special. You bring a lot of joy to people. Use the art you were blessed with.ReplyCancel

For October’s edition of As We Are, With You, I decided to take a picture of a few of the polaroids I took this weekend. My husband was sweet enough to get me an Instax Mini for our 15th anniversary and we had so much fun with it. You only get one try unlike digital. They aren’t perfect but they are “us” and I love them.


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  • Rhonda Steed - So much fun!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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  • Naomi - Oh i love these! So much fun. This was on my mothers day list but then i changed my mind because i wasnt sure i reallllly wanted it. Do you love it?! Maybe i need to put one on my christmas list. :)ReplyCancel

    • Erin - I love it but I’m super stingy with my film, lol.ReplyCancel

9/2016~ For this month’s post I decided to do a family photo. We planned to go see the Paint Mines, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. While the views weren’t disappointing, the wind was just brutal. We stayed long enough to get some photos and then we ran all the way back to the car, or in Lucas’ case he got a piggy back from Daddy all the way back. So here is a series of photos that just cracked me up and it all started with Lucas honking Malcolm’s nose.

dsc_5984-copy dsc_5985-copy dsc_5986-copy

 Now check out some more images from:

Naomi  Rhonda   Kimberly   Linley  Andrea   Ayako

  • Naomi - These are so cute. And beautiful! I love you got the whole fam in there!ReplyCancel