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This year I’ve decided to do a monthly portrait project. I would like to challenge myself with a lot of different lighting and locations, indoor and out. While I have a few ideas for when it gets warmer and greener outside, I struggled to figure out something for the month of January. I’ve asked some people to be my subjects and offered to let them choose the month they would like but January isn’t really a coveted month. So I had to grab the closet subject just to be able to start this project without failing right off the bat. So Opal gladly volunteered. She was easy to work with, very compliant. We did some moody shots and some bright shots in the bedroom the day after she had her hair done. Come on now, she’s cute.:)



On perhaps the coldest day we’ve had so far this year, I had this session planned as an outdoor urban shoot. Thanks to my cousin we had a back up at Tutt Library at Colorado College and we ended up having to use it. The wind was bitter cold so I was so glad we were able to get a beautiful indoor space to shoot in. The plus side was that students were out for winter break so we basically had the library to ourselves. We explored various floors of the library and looked at some fun art books. Since I rarely see this beautiful family, I had a great time hanging out and taking photos of them. Here are some of my favorites…

I’m finally blogging about a few short sessions I did this fall and over the holiday. For this short session we met up in Manitou Springs and even the cloudy weather couldn’t stop the cuteness. Just look at this smile on my sweet cousin’s face! It’s so contagious and I just can’t help but love it.